Prom 2019: Part 2

Prom was held at Fort Mason, San Francisco, on May 18th, 2019. From 7:00-11:00, Oceana students took fun pictures, ate good food, and danced the night away. Overall, most people seemed happy with the outcome and say the prom was a success.

Oceana seniors and juniors prepared for prom for weeks., buying dresses, suits, shoes, and corsages, doing hair, makeup, and nails. Everyone was excited and waiting in anticipation to see how it would turn out: the photos, food, and music.

The room was decorated beautifully, with fairy lights and a cute photo booth. The food was very good and filling but it was a little disappointing waiting for it in the pouring rain. Most agree that the music was well chosen and everyone enjoyed themselves out on the dance floor.

For seniors, this was their last prom, making the experience bittersweet. Majority of seniors had a blast and were happy to have one last time to dance and have fun with friends and classmates. Some seniors had high expectations for their final high school prom and though some students were slightly disappointed with the bad weather and choice of DJ, most students enjoyed the music and dancing.

I attended Oceana’s prom and had a great time, overall. Prom is a great high school experience that most people remember for most of their life. Getting all dressed up, taking pictures with friends and/or date, and dancing to some of your favorite songs is a truly wonderful experience. Overall, I would say that Oceana’s prom, 2019, was a hit and will be remembered by juniors and seniors.

Photo by Jadyn Blank

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