Upcoming Anxieties – Juniors about Senior Year

Everyone worries about different things, whether it be work, school, how people think of themselves, or something similar to “how do I make this cup of ramen without blowing up either the cup or the microwave?” One of many worries juniors specifically have are related to next year: becoming a senior.

There’s a lot of worries juniors at Oceana will have about senior year. How will Senior Exhibition be? Will we make the grade? How hard is senior year? Is it any harder than junior year? Of course, senior year is harder for some and easier for others. Some have no problem with senior year and others have many, many anxieties for it.

One junior I interviewed is Ysabel Imperio, a classmate of mine in multiple classes and a successful person who can balance her personal life with her school life. She says, “Some of the worries I have about becoming a senior is that I’m gonna be really stressed since not only do I focus on school, I also focus on dance, YouTube, and community service,” she explains. “I also need to start applying to college. Senior year is going to be really busy.” Similarly to other students, Ysabel has many things to pay attention to that aren’t related to school. She takes dance outside of school and does vlogs as well, which can be a bit hard to balance with school, but it’s definitely not impossible. Almost everyone has activities they have outside of school or after school, whether it be sports, calls with friends, and more.

“I don’t really know what causes these worries. I just honestly think it’s probably anxiety since I like to be productive but it can honestly also be harmful to me mentally,” Ysabel adds. “But I don’t want to give up dance and YouTube because it’s my passion. And I need to focus on school and community service since it’s my future.” Community service is important not only for Oceana, but for the person who’s doing community service. Community service can help people get into college and get jobs easier. Allison Green from US News says that community service is “a way to keep your skills up-to-date, expand your network, and possibly even get a paying job.” She also comments that if you ever want to switch your career or see if a career is really for you, volunteering can help lots with that.

Some advice I personally have to those who have a lot on their plate is to make sure that when you feel stressed out, do something that calms you down or take a break when you can. When you have the time, think of something that will help you feel less stressed. Many teachers, of course, will recommend mindfulness, but if that isn’t for you, maybe a small activity you enjoy can help relieve stress.

Of course, not all students will relate to Ysabel, but I’m sure that others also have a lot on their plate as well. We all have different reasons of why we worry about senior year, whether it be a fear of being overworked or anxieties about Senior Exhibition. Either way, I’m sure that everything will be okay. That’s what I like to tell myself.

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