Rally 2019: Senior Edition

Rally is an event held for students once a semester. It is made for the purpose of hyping up students, having some fun, and having some relaxation away from schoolwork. There is also the chance to bond with classmates.

Traditionally, rally includes games, dances, music and much more. At the end, points are tallied up and the class with the highest amount of points rings the bell. This rally, the seniors won and they got to ring their very last bell.

Photo Credits: @oceanaasb

“Rally was really interesting, emotional, and overall fun.” Oceana High School held its last rally of the school year – the last ever for the seniors.

The emotion was really high this rally, as the school was saying goodbye to four valued staff members: Ms. Hughes, Mr. Yuen, Ms. Ambrose, and Ms. Tsachres, as well as their seniors.

“I’m not gonna lie, I started to tear up a bit,” said Kate Alvarez, senior at Oceana High School. Kate has been a student at Oceana for four years and has had interactions with some of these teachers and most, if not-all, of the seniors.

“It’s sad to see them go. It’s sad to see us go. We’re moving on to another big chapter in life. This rally truly highlighted that.” These words were said by Emma Ward, another senior at Oceana. Although Emma has only been here for a year and half, she still feels as though she has established a genuine connection with this school.

¨I have been to many schools in the past, but nothing compares to this one. It is so welcoming and open-minded. This rally really showed that. It is one of the things I am going to miss.¨

Kate also said that this rally was different than the others. ¨I guess I just appreciated and connected to this rally more because it was my last.¨

That is a thought that went through many seniors’ minds that day. The realization that it was their last rally really sat with them and made them enjoy it even more. Rally hit right at home and made the seniors realize that their high school career is over.

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