How to Prevent Senioritis

Senioritis: The decline of motivation and participation in the final year of high school. With college right around the corner and Oceana seniors about to dive into the most important project of their high school careers: Senior Exhibition, it’s not an ideal time to be slipping. While the jury is out on whether senioritis exists or not, there will inevitably be students who feel less motivated their senior year and will find these tips for “curing the -itis” helpful.

Stick with it: One of the theoretical causes of senioritis is that, because graduation is right around the corner, seniors don’t necessarily have to try as hard.  Seniors are experiencing burnout and have simply lost the energy to care. Even though the end of high school is almost here, it’s important to keep up on schoolwork, tests, and projects until you’re actually out.

Make the most of it: Senior year is a year of lasts: last rally, last prom, last chance to do everything you’ve been meaning to do. Have you wanted to join a sports team? Start a club? Get more involved in the school? Senior year is your last chance! The best way to improve motivation is to give you something to be excited for and reward yourself for all the hard work you put in.

Reward yourself:  If motivation is your issue when trying to stay on top of everything, plan a reward system.  Spend a few hours working on the next Senior Ex deadline, and then you go to the movies with some friends. Finish your homework for the day, then spend an hour on something you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be an indulgent reward, if you hate math but love English class, work on the homework for the class you dislike or find hard first and the other homework will feel like a reward. Doing the work first can make the rewards that much more, well, rewarding.

Keep things in perspective: We’ve been hearing it since middle school that high school prepares us for the rest of our lives. Sticking to deadlines, communication, attendance, and punctuality are all vital skills we learn in public education that can be applied beyond it. Instead of thinking of homework and group assignments as tedious tasks with no point to them, focus on the big picture. Homework and studying teaches you time management and study skills. Group assignments teach problem solving and communication. Showing up to class each morning at 8am (even when you don’t want to), teaches responsibility and punctuality. These are vital skills that have applications in every instance of life, especially outside of high school. Whether you’re going directly into the workforce or higher education, it will be important to quickly and effectively foster these skills, which high school is perfect for.

So there you have it! Four tips to help beat senioritis and make the most of your senior year. Even though there will be hard work, try to enjoy it. It’s your final year after all, and you’re almost there!

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