Define High School

Seniors at Step Up Rally (May 2019)
Taken by Reanne Ocampo

High School is a monumental time during anyone’s life. It brings unforgettable memories and friends, love and heartbreak, and life lessons. In less than a month, Oceana High School seniors are leaving to find their next adventure, whether in college or elsewhere. This article will reflect on what these seniors learned throughout their four years here and how their experiences in high school will affect their future in the real world.

The most impactful things that graduates take from high school is their education and their relationships with their peers and mentors. For Florence Chang, Oceana’s current senior class president, teachers were a great influence in her adolescence: “My teachers have been so loving and oftentimes kinder to me than myself. It’s hard to operate within societal norms while also trying to practice self care, so I’m really grateful for my teachers who helped push me to challenge those norms.” With the guidance of her teachers, she learned to break through many societal boundaries along with seeking love in herself. Her relationship with her teachers were essential because it helped her be a better to not only others, but herself as well.

Along with relationships, high school was a time for students to understand themselves and understand the world they live in. Merilousse Bugay, Oceana’s Associated Student Body President, states, “High school has been a large part as to how I’ve grown as an individual and person… I’ve discovered how much I enjoy being in ASB, that AP classes were not for me, and the type of people I enjoy spending my time and want to surround myself with.” Her journey through high school allowed her to better understand who she was and to also see that she wanted to make an impact: “Oceana has definitely helped me mature as an individual but has also exposed me to what the real world faces and has to offer…[I] recognize the importance of my role within my community and has motivated to be more involved in the process.” Through Oceana’s Humanities curriculum, students like Merilousse understand that there are many injustices in today’s society and that they have a voice in what happens in their future. High school not only encouraged them to advocate for a better society, but also gave them their own motivation to make a change.

Soon, our graduates will move onwards to college, leaving the comfort of their homes and entering a new environment. According to Faith Malabed, a senior at Oceana, she is prepared to expand her horizons. “I’m ready to grow and find myself outside of the community I have at Oceana. I’m excited to see what life has in store once I find my plan in college.” As one adventure ends, another one starts. And for the rest of us still in high school, our adventure is still ongoing. Good luck to our Oceana graduates and we are excited to see what life hold for you.


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