Are Juniors ready for Senior year?

Are you a junior? Are ready to become a senior? Do you want to know the truth about senior year?

I interviewed two lovely seniors, Jeremiah (JT) DePriest and Luan Tran. Both have attended Oceana for all four years, and persevered through senior exhibition. They both overcame and had amazing presentations and papers.

Jt is on the left , Luan is on the right

I asked JT about his time developing and executing his senior project this year. JT said, “Senior Ex. wasn’t very difficult except for the last two weeks before the final deadline of the Senior Ex. essay. The last two weeks are the hardest because of the last final revisions and really making the entire essay come together and hopefully having fluidity throughout the paper, as well as it all makes complete sense when the paper is constructed into its final piece.”

When I asked Luan about senior year he referred to senior year as “hell” but quickly retracted that and said that “Procrastination is the hell of it all so do not procrastinate Senior Ex. Just get it done, and always turn in your work a day before the deadline.” He said that turning your assignment in earlier gives you that immediate relief and you won’t have to stress about meeting the 8 am deadline, especially if you’re not the earliest person to school.

Some downsides to senior year if you do procrastinate, JT says, “It is very hard to sleep senior year if you leave everything to the last minute. By procrastinating, lack of sleep becomes a major problem and no one wants to be sleep deprived.” Many students will understand and sympathize with this. Procrastinating is a common struggle. Magically it gets all done, but students know it is better to just get it over with because they feel so much better about the content of the piece they are working on and feel much better about being able to sleep without stressing out and without having to wake up extra early to finish what you didn’t finish last night.

If you are a procrastinator, you are most definitely not alone at all. A LOT of people procrastinate and it will most definitely happen senior year.

Kendall, a junior, is already trying to decide her Senior Ex. topic while trying to choose a perfect mentor for her. “I want to definitely do something that involves criminal justice reform but it is so hard to choose because of how many issues are standing in the justice system.”

As we all prepare for senior exhibition and try to narrow our choices down for mentors, we can all reflect on the amazing year we had this year and hope that our senior year is the best ever.

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