A Senior’s Advice: Senior Exhibition

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Seniors have experienced everything that their 4 years at Oceana High School has to offer. They know how it feels to be in stressful and anxiety-filled situations. Upcoming seniors are going to have to take on the same stresses and problems. Since next year could very well end up being hard for them, current juniors will need advice and support from current seniors.

I talked to senior Ella Spurlock about her experiences, stresses, and how she has matured since freshman year regarding presentation skills. According to Ella, the way she managed stress for her presentations was to really know her content and remember to turn in her assignments on time.  She explains, “Meeting deadlines is very important so stay on top of that and be very consistent with your work.”

It is clear that deadlines should be on the top of  your priorities when it comes to a project like Senior Ex, but many juniors are stressed about choosing the right mentors. Ella mentions that there is a way to choose your mentors and topic in a way that will help you pass the assignment. The way Ella chose her topic was choosing one that really felt interesting and inspiring to her. She mentions, “I chose a story that related to my life and had sentimental value to me.”

Furthermore, it related to her life in such a way that, when she presented, she felt intense emotion. She also explained that the way she chose her mentor was picking a teacher that she had a close relationship with. She points out that “you should feel comfortable presenting around this mentor that you picked.” This is crucial for Senior Exhibition because, when you are presenting, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable around your mentor. If you do not pick the right mentor or topic, it could become a problem in the long run when presenting. This makes it all the more important to keep in mind that Senior Exhibition is effectively a year long.

Other than picking mentors and topics, you should remember to have fun your senior year because it is your last year of high school. Ella highly suggests that, to have a good senior year and to make it less stressful, you can hangout with friends and family.  She says, “When you feel really stressed it can become easy to disconnect from people.” Through her process of doing so many presentations and the big project of Senior Ex, she realized that having friends around to keep her mind off of it was better for her mental health.  She described, “Mental health is extremely important and you should take a break from stressful things because it could be detrimental to your health.”

She recommends that you could even work on the Senior Exhibition project alongside your friends at a coffee shop. You could present your information to friends and family so that, when you officially present, you will be prepared. Ella mentions, “You are capable and plenty of people have done this project… you will be fine.”

Overall, it is important that we have the advice and support from Ella and her peers that have been in these situations and personally experienced the major stresses of senior exhibition. It will help our future class to grow and improve on presentations and life skills.

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