A look back at Interim from a Senior

In this article I wanted to reflect upon my different Interims from my four years at Oceana and how they were reflections of that year itself. I will start with looking at my first interim and finish with my most recent interim from this year.

Freshman year: I started in an interesting interim. It was called “Visiting colleges in the Bay.”  It was fun, I made some new friends and found what I liked and disliked about college experiences. The colleges we visited in the bay were UC Berkeley, CSU East bay, Holy Names, San Jose State, and San Francisco State. They all had some things I liked and disliked, but I didn’t have the foresight or knowledge I now have as a senior, so I feel as if the experience was, in some ways, wasted on me. There were a few other freshman in the interim, but I think it was because no one else wanted the Interim. If you can take anything away from this, it is that you really should think about what Interims will fit your current year. One that focuses on your future like Adulting or college-focused ones may be better for seniors, but ones that could help you open your eyes like Yoga or Drivers Ed could help you early on, even if they seem less fun. But if you really want to do one that’s ahead of your years and usually dominated by seniors, then go for it!

Sophomore year: This was actually with the same teacher who taught Visiting Bay Area Colleges, Dr.Cervantes. It was a coincidence, but we made jokes about it the whole interim. This interim was “Pintrest Arts and Crafts”. It was one of the more chill interims. We never left campus, and the crafts were pretty free range. I had few friends in the interim, who I was not super close with, but we still had fun. We made air fresheners, wire flowers, and a couple shelves for teachers. We made a shelf for Miss Finucane, which had Mexican calaveras on it, and I ruined a pair of shorts painting mine. Most of the time was spent marveling at beautiful crafts from Pinterest and giving up in the middle of trying to make them. This year was a kind of transition phase for me. I was making a lot of new friends and was reconnecting with some old ones. This Interim was a vessel of sorts for these feelings, as I was making new things. I did get closer with a couple people from there, and for that I am very happy about meeting them. Takeaway: you can have fun with failure.

Junior year: Photography is usually a senior-dominated interim. Because so many students request it, and seniors get first choice on interims, only seniors get it. Somehow I got into Photography. We would go to the city to one location and just wander around taking pictures. Mr.Weiss is the only teacher running the interim, but he did it very well. He has been doing this interim forever. My camera was low quality, so my pictures were not great. Mr.Weiss lent me an extra SD card when mine was full, so camera storage did not become an issue. I also wasn’t the best at taking pictures, but the focus of the Interim was mainly the city, not taking photos. That’s what I focused on. We really enjoyed the city, and, again, I got to know people I wouldn’t otherwise have. It was probably 90% seniors. The juniors that got into this interim were extraordinarily lucky. I highly recommend this interim because it is super chill, especially if you are doing it as a senior. It was super fun to wander the city and make new memories. I think I took over 500 pictures, most of which were blurry. My take away for this interim would be that you shouldn’t aim lower when you can’t get something. Just go for something you normally would not have , and it may end up being a lot of fun.

Finally senior year. This year was my last interim, and it was Pie Ranch. It was fantastic and definitely my favorite interim. I had it with some of my closest friends. I talked to them about this interim, so you can hear some reflections from someone other than me.


Was Pie ranch your favorite Interim at Oceana?

Ya, Id say it was my favorite.


Cause this was the first one I had with most of my friends, and also even the people that weren’t my friends initially we became friends over the week. It was just really nice.

Do you think it was a good ending to senior year?

Ya, I really do. It was just a good thing. Same with like camping because that is similar like team building. But ya I feel like it was nice end year interim.

Is there anything you can reflect upon for the past interims?

My first two I was at school and it was like art. That was really fun. But it wasn’t as fun as being off campus and being away from home for a week. Junior year I was off campus the whole week but it was more stressful because you were going to places every single day with transit. But like it was more stressful because you need to be at bart at a certain time and had to go somewhere. Where as in pie ranch you just wake up and you are already there.

Do you think it is special for Oceana to have interims and for seniors to have their best pick?

Ya because we all went through the process for four years, we were at the bottom and got our last choices all those years but now we have come full circle.

So it looks like Robin really liked pie ranch like everyone else who had done it and we all grew closer and that was nice. I remember all the mornings we had to wake up early there and it might have sucked but all of us in the interim had to so it was ok and we all shared that.

Next is my other friend who went to pie ranch too but had some different interims before.


Was Pie ranch your favorite interim?

It was one of my favorites ya.

Why is it not your favorite?

It was very fun but my other favorite has to be the surfing interim which I had last year. They were just both different experiences, Surfing is different you just have fun and you learn, and do it yourself. But Pie ranch was different we made a lot of friendships and learned how to cook and all that. It was really fun and I learned a lot of stuff there that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Was it a good ending for senior year?

Ya, ya I got to hang out with people. Some people I’ll graduate with and some people I won’t be. Also like I said it motivates me to cook more witch is good because I am going off to college and need to know how to cook there.

Do you have any reflections on your other interims?

Well my first one was film analysis and it was really boring. Freshman year was kinda dull. Sophmore year was arts in the bay and I did get to travel but it was still really dull.

My junior year was surfing interim and that was like the peak you know. And my fourth one was Pie ranch and that one was all about building friendships.

Mimi had a couple different views but some similar ideas. For me Pie ranch was definitely my favorite interim because so many of my friends where in it and a bunch of people I’d become friends with where there to.

Wrapping up: This has just been a look back at all my interims and how they affected me and what I think looking back. I think looking back is beneficial with these things because they can really embody the essence of a year or a time because they have the one feeling and most of them are what you make of it.

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