what seniors are looking forward to in college and future goals

A new chapter in your life!! What are you looking forward to in college and what are your future goals?

Some of us are still awaiting that exciting first day of college. And as the the days come closer to when all of us new freshmen arrive on campus ready to start our new lives. In a couple of weeks, seniors at Oceana are done with high school and many are moving onto the college life. Some may be ready and some may not. College can be intimidating for some students and could be exciting for other students. College is a whole new lifestyle and can be hard to adjust to.  

According to Faith Malabed, a senior at Oceana states, “I’m looking forward to a new setting and new people once college starts. I hope that I end up loving psychology and I pursue a future in social work to become a marriage and family counselor.”

Wes McIntosh, another senior at Oceana states, “I’m looking forward to taking strides towards my career and establishing my own journey that I’ll have to figure out on my own. My future goal is to get a degree in civil engineering, and maybe a masters in architecture”

Preparing for college, many students are looking forward to college and are excited for a new change in life. Leaving home, friends, and even food for college can be scary. College is where you get to figure out what you love, so consider these tips a starting point to all the other amazing experiences you’re going to discover all on your own! Lets wish all the seniors the best in their future!

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