Karina’s Best Hits


Such a teasing smile, young and mature

Knowingly gleaming and so stupidly sure.

Simple eyes are curious, questioning

Every intention, it is unsettling.

A deceiving laugh that sings close to home

Piercing every heart string and then it roams.

Thin lips move slow and intentionally

Claiming truth and love unconditionally.

A rebel with every cause

A survivor breaking unjust law

His pain is my complete inheritance

How could I ever show such arrogance?



London is a honeymoon

She is my summer love.

— a charming smile, an adventurous rhythm

She is a Shakespearean play,

a sophisticated piece of art,

an innocuous tease,

a passionate protester.

She is a burning summer night.

Ravaging the city,

sweating, swaying and screaming to its undying pulse.



Bradford is a taste of the rest of the world

She is her immigrants.

— a Gurdwara of all people.

An unwithering patience for our ignorance.

Bradford is her warmth

— a sanctuary from corruption.

where police aren’t feared and

Catholics love Muslims

and Muslims love Hindus

and Hindus love Sikhs.

Bradford is peace.



Worcester is a stranger.

Brighter than Southport

but paler than Bradford.

She is shallowness

seeped in her tasteless tea.

Yet, it is with her

where the dread of the States sets in.

The future clouds over Worcester

Like a brewing storm on the brink of destruction.

But the Sun grounds me

keeps me safe.

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