Creative Writing

This year, for the first time, Oceana has had a creative writing class. Students in Journalism have concurrently been working on poetry and short stories. As their teacher, it has been my pleasure to listen to and read the creative, exciting, expressive work that students have produced in this class. Students have written off the cuff and from the heart. They have written about pictures, and have made poetry out of nonsense while playing poetry poker. At the end of the fall semester they completed a unit on form poetry, which many found challenging at first, but by the end of the unit many had also found a unique voice and were able to use the forms to express deep and personal feelings and experiences. To watch this growth has been an absolute joy, and it fulfilled by big hope for the class: that students would find success writing outside of the academic context. Presented here is their work, which they self-selected. We hope you enjoy reading!

Link here to our creative writing page, or use the Creative Writing tab above.

Here is a list of out authors and their works:

To the Beet, by Ryan Scott

M, London, Bradford, Worcester, by Karina Gamez

Flames, Fault, A Void, by Samantha Tran

It’s All in my Head, by Alex Damonte

A Man in a Woman’s World, by Shaymaa Shukryia

Brain and Soul Quite Different, by Sebastian Strawser

Purple Rain, by Savannah Jensen

Battle Ready, by Kerry Clayden

I Promise I’m Not Enjoying This, by Gio Mancinelli

Colors, by Kian Orr

Dew Drop, by Philip Mochel

The Distance Between You and Me, by Katie Kawn

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