Brain and Soul: Quite Different

Brain and soul, quite different

Places with memories are

Quite complicated beings, for the

Conflicts between are plentiful

Storms keep coming and coming

To make things complicated? That is alone

In being life’s constant, uncertainty is king

To thoughts and emotion is the one

Making confidence crumble like the towers

Which stood tall, the future could

Have certainty, brain and soul confront

Myself at high noon

Is the middle of the day

To look inward and reveal

The inner brain and soul

Quite different when handling

The two are polar opposites\Attract in some cases

Vary, which lead to the one

Battle from within

Is where inner turmoil is

Causing trouble and havoc

Leads to more battles

Cause much more of the inner turmoil

Leads to more battles

Being frequent between the brain and soul

With such stark differences

Lead the two to contend

And contending with oneself



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