Interim Week

Have you ever wondered what people are going to do during interim? I talked to some students about interim and what they were looking forward to do in just a few weeks.

The first week of April has yet to come. Another week of interims await, it should be full of fun activities such as Urban Hiking, World of Cooking, Photographing San Francisco, and much more! Students get credit for attending interim week, and they choose which interim they want to be in.  Interim lasts for a week and students do different activities each day. Interim can happen on or off campus. For example, Pie Ranch is off campus and is taking place in Pescadero while world of cooking is taking place on campus. There are some interim where someday it can be off campus and someday on campus such as Festival of Food, Fun and Film.

According to an interview with Samantha at Oceana, “My interim is photography in San Francisco and what I am looking forward to is taking pictures of different places in San Francisco. I love taking pictures of scenery and I feel like San Francisco has a lot of beautiful places to take pictures of. I am also looking forward to interim in general because I never had a week of doing something that I love to do. I don’t normally do photography during my free time so having this opportunity to have a week to do photography is really exciting”.

As a senior and being at Oceana for all 4 years, I really like interim and how many different types of activities there are because you can choose what you like to do and just have fun for a week with your friends. My favorite interim so far is Bay Area Museums because I’ve only been to San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art and being able to go to different museums in San Francisco is really cool. Seeing different art in different museum was really exciting as well.

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