Spring break: Trips and Plans

After Interim week, one of the last breaks from school before summer is spring break. Spring break is a time for relaxation before the end of the school year. After having Senior Exhibition, and final writing assignments, things can get a little stressful for Oceana students. I interviewed Donia Adwadalla, an Oceana junior, about her tips about traveling, trips she is going on, and plans she has for over the break.

Donia has a variety of plans and is ready for spring break to finally start. Donia plans on going to her family’s house to have dinner, hanging out with her friends, and going out with her cousins.

“My favorite thing about about spring break is that I get to go to more places and get to hangout with a lot more people,” Donia pointed out. Her family enjoys camping and going outdoors. They are even planning to go on a road trip . “We plan to go to Yosemite with my family for a couple days.”  Going on these trips with her family makes her focus a lot more on the present, which is good for her mental health. She included that “Things that constantly are happening… when you’re somewhere with your family it makes you live in the moment”.

Some tips for traveling that Donia has is to not over pack and to be neat.  “If you are going on the road make sure to bring your own food and make sure to feel comfortable in what you are wearing,” she emphasized. She enjoys relaxing and letting go of all the stress from school. Besides going on trips with her family, she plans to hangout with her friends over break. They plan on going to the beach and somewhere in the city.

Donia’s past experiences during spring break have been fun for her. She particularly enjoys hanging out with her cousins. She is very family oriented and spends most of her time with them over breaks. “We have sleepovers, watch movies together, and just hangout”. Spring break is important to Donia because she can have new experiences, hangout with her family as well as her friends. “I love that I get to make so many memories over this break” she explains, “It gives me something to look forward to.”

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