Who is the swim team?

Did you know that nearly one-third of Oceana’s student body is involved in some type of sport. That is pretty crazy. A lot of students at Oceana juggle their academics while playing sports, going to after school clubs, and even participating in community service.

The swim team is one of the larger teams at Oceana. With around 50 students on one team, it can certainly get a bit hectic. Swim practice happens everyday after school from 2:45-4:15 and on Wednesdays from 1:45 to 3:30. Practice is at the Jean E. Brink pool, right down the stairs and past the Oceana gym. Who are the people in charge of teaching all these students competitive swimming?

Vicki Russo

Coach Russo has been coaching the swim teams for the city of Pacifica since 1987 and has been coaching 20 plus years. She is a part of the crew that got the swim team up and running last year. As of this year, the swim team has grown by so many. The swim team last year was about 35 students and now 50 students are swimming for Oceana. Coach Russo had so much fun teaching and coaching such great students, and she claims, “It is not that hard to swim once you get the rhythm.” She encourages all her students to join swim and give it a try.

Vicki Russo and many other student are responsible for many students on the team.

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Vicki talking to her students about how many laps they need to do.


The students who participate in swim are just like you. They go to school maybe some have jobs. But in addition, they also have swim practice everyday. Students like Sterling Damonte, Ella Maltbie, and Reese are all freshman and go to swim practice almost everyday.

The swim team even has student managers like Katie Kwan, MK, and Jasmine helping out Vicki with the students, with all the swim gear, and even helping withe swim meets. The swim managers make community service hours too.

Hannah Bolton is a different kind of manger for the swim team. Hannah actually helps coach the freshman and JV teams. She does so much for the team by really helping out the JV swimmers understand the legalities of certain strokes. Bolton said,”…trying to teach the freshman or JV swimmers is tough because some of the strokes a pretty difficult and the kids just need to put in the practice to make it better.” Eventually, with all the practice the new freshman swimmers get, they will become better swimmers. If you are a student thinking about joining the swim team, the student managers and Coach Russo say to join the swim team. Knowing how to swim is a very helpful skill to have and we also are a block away from the ocean.

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Hannah Balton on the left; Katie Kwan on the right

The swim team is made up of so many lovely students who attend Oceana. It is not so much of a team but a great, supportive family. If you choose to join the swim team, you are becoming a part of big family. At Oceana, we have an ocean front view. Learning how to swim is essential for us coast lovers. Joining the swim team could help you learn new swimming skills as well as being a part of a loving and accepting group of people.

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