The Answer is Bullet Journaling

Looking for a new way to be more productive and organized? Bullet journaling might be the answer for you.

Bullet journaling, created by Ryder Carroll, is an organizational method intended to increase productivity and raise awareness of daily intentions. Ryder Carroll was diagnosed with learning disabilities and used his bullet journaling method as a tool to enable him to retain focus and understand why he did what he did. His method continues to help many others, including students at Oceana High School. Students like Halle Fernandez and Pichayapat (Pichy) Jumpholwong have not only used bullet journaling as a way to organize, but also to express their creativity and artistic sides. Bullet journaling has helped many students at Oceana High School and this method could help you too. Here’s how it helps and how to get started.

Organization & Personalization

Bullet journaling provides a method for you to stay organized. Just like a planner, you record your daily tasks, homework, etc. According to Pichy, who has been bullet journaling for about a year, bullet journals are even better than using a planner because it allows more room for personalization. “I don’t have to be restricted to using a regular planner… I could just make my own and that contributes to me and what I do,” she says. The amazing thing about bullet journals is that it is completely tailored your liking. Your bullet journal could store all the information you need in one place or could simply be a journal where you express how you feel. Along with creative freedoms, bullet journals also provide a fun hobby while being organized.


It is important to set daily intention and goals, and bullet journaling can help with that as well. Daily bullet journaling allows users to not only see what they need to do, but also to reflect on what they’ve already done. Trackers are an example of that and can be tailored to your necessities. Popular trackers that users add to their journals are hydration trackers, mood trackers, exercise trackers, etc. Additions like these can make you more aware of your personal progress and moods. Halle Fernandez, who has been bullet journaling for over two years, explains, “It was definitely helpful staying organized for school, but it was also just a mental health thing. I was able to just write how I feel and also be creative, all while being productive.” Bullet journaling helped Halle become more self aware of her state of mind. In addition, Halle also uses bullet journals to express her creativity by illustrating and practicing calligraphy in her journals. Her bullet journal became her friend, where she could talk about how she was feeling and could explore her hobbies.

Bullet journaling has helped Pichy, Halle, and could potentially help you by making you become more self aware and productive. Bullet journaling is your next step to leading a productive life. Bullet journaling is the change you need. Bullet journaling is your answer.  You can find bullet journals almost anywhere: Target, Amazon, Michael’s, Office Depot, etc.

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