Oceana’s Track Team

In the past couple of years, Oceana’s selection of sports for students to participate has grown significantly, with a boy’s soccer team being added to the winter season, and boy’s and girl’s swimming added to the spring season. One longstanding sport in Oceana’s lineup had been, and remains the most popular though – track and field. Oceana’s High school track and field is a sport made up of various athletic contests,  split into three main categories: running, throwing, and jumping. In the running category, there are sprints and relay races.  Throwing consists of shot put and discus. Lastly, jumping includes things like hurdling and pole vaulting.

Oceana’s track team started practices a few weeks ago, and will continue further into the spring. They practice everyday after school and prepare for meets with members in all of the categories.  I talked to two runners of track team, Samuel Lund, a freshman, and Connor Chan, a junior, to get to know the team, find out what it’s like to be a track athlete, and learn a little more about track.

Connor is a long distance runner for the team, and has been training especially hard for that this season. He found interest in track at his elementary school, at a Junior Olympics event. He explains that he originally joined track and field because Oceana didn’t have a baseball team, but he still wanted to participate in a competitive sport and stay in shape. He joined Oceana’s track team his freshman year and has loved it ever since. He likes the running itself, but the aspect of competition, and the bonds that he’s made with his teammates are a big part of his enjoyment of the sport. As he continues competing in the sport, his running improves, and he has started to get more serious about it. He plans on joining again in his senior year, saying he’ll be “focusing on making it to state, or at least improving [his] times.”

Connor enjoys track because he gets to meet new people and improve on their running. He has also participated in cross country, a similar sport in the fall season, focused on the long distance running. He recommends track and field to anyone who wants to be a part of a competitive sport, stay in shape or make new friends.

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