Oceana’s Hobbies

By: Phil Mochel

Oceana is a school of over 600 students. This may seem small compared to other high schools, but our students do just as much as other high schoolers. One third of Oceana’s students participate in sports. This is a staggering number and should be a point of pride for Oceana. In addition to sports, many of our students participate in clubs and incorporate community service into their weekly routines.

We have more than 8 clubs that are open to anyone to join. Although they are slightly limited, each one helps with expanding students interests.  Students are also able to create new clubs based on different interests and the process to create a club is quite easy. Clubs are a great way to get all of your friends together for any interest you may have. And joining clubs is even easier because clubs are more than welcome to have new members at any time. Here are some of Oceana’s awesome clubs:

  • DCYHC Sex Ed Equad (every Tues in rm 211, 2:45-4:15)
    • advisor: Ms. Delman
  • Stay Woke Club (every Friday in rm 206, during lunch)
    • advisor: Mr. Korp
  • Inclusion Club (every Tues in rm 113, during lunch)
    • advisor: Ms. Sciacqua
  • Compost Club (every other Friday in rm 308, during lunch)
    • advisor: Ms. Hughes
  • Kapamilya (every Friday in rm 305, during lunch)
    • advisor: Ms. David
  • California Scholarship Federation Club (every Thurs in rm 203, during lunch)
    • advisor: Mr. Roberts
  • Pacific Islander Club (every other Friday in rm 103, during lunch)
    • advisor: Mr. Yuen
  • Makers Club (every Friday in rm 201)
    • advisor: Mr. Geiss

Most clubs are tailored to help students express and explore their hobbies. Sally Lu, a Oceana senior who draws as a hobby, said she enjoys creating something from nothing. She genuinely enjoys drawing and felt she was productive by progressing her skills. Christian, also a senior watches anime and while not as productive he said is still fulfilling knowing he is learning about a new culture.

It’s interesting to know people’s views and hopefully it can help you to build an interest in a productive hobby. In my spare time, I express my artistic side and I do consider it a hobby. And I did cross country all four years and I also see running as my second hobby. It’s a past time I enjoy and isn’t too serious. I think that’s what is best about hobbies because when you ask people they enjoy it because it isn’t professional or stressful and they can find peace in an activity.

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