What to get for Valentines Day

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, some of you are probably wondering what to get your friends or significant other, and if you are as irresponsible as I am, you probably don’t even know what to get yet. Well this time I can tell you that I’ve come prepared with some of the best (and probably cliche) gifts you can get to impress your significant other. These gifts are so good she, he or it will definitely say yes! (no guarantees though) Let’s get started!

1: Customized bracelets

From engravings in bands, or phrases or words that are sentimental to you both, they’re always a great way to express feelings to your friends and significant others. One good place to get these is ThingsRemembered.com. They have been known to provide great service and lots of customization to the bracelets to make them represent any special moment in your lives. The prices here can definitely range, so it’s best that you take a look and see what you would like to get, but there are low price items if you’re on a tight budget.


2: Metal Rose

Metal Roses have been growing on the internet like crazy! This item is custom crafted and can be painted in multiple colors if needed. This is a new item that will definitely make your friends or significant other go WOW! A great place to source these is Etsy! Simply search metal roses. Prices vary from $30 to $80 based on craftsmanship and material used on the rose.


3: Giant Teddy Bear

Who would say no to a giant teddy bear!!! On a serious note though. These are definitely on the expensive side though. Ranging from $100 to $200, this is one you should think through. And make sure they know where to store it!!!


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