What People Love To Do

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, February is a month where many people express their love. Love can be for many things: family, places, events, entertainment, and the list goes on. To focus in on one of these many subjects of love, a question was asked to two Oceana students: what is something that you love to do?

Something that Samantha Heppert, an Oceana High School senior, loves to do is “play video games.” The category of video games is a broad one, and so when asked Samantha cited three games in particular that she loves to play. First is osu!, a free-to-play rhythm game on PC that is carried by the myriad user-created beatmaps for players to download from the official website to play. Samantha says that she enjoys this game because “it’s like building a muscle, and it’s slightly different each time. It’s different enough so that it stays fun, and it trains your reflexes and it trains your brain.”

The logo for osu!, a rhythm game

The uniqueness of the experience leads into Samantha’s other examples. Another game that she mentioned was Don’t Starve, a survival game that started on PC and expanded to consoles. The main thing that Samantha likes about this game is that “it always keeps you on your toes. […] Basically there’s always something you need to do, and there’s always something you need to be worrying about and doing.” These things that you “need to worry about” range from having enough food to being able to survive the next attack. This makes the game fun and always interesting to play.

The third game Samantha talked about was Brawlhalla, a 2D platform fighting game. She emphasized the aspects that make the game fun, such as it’s several game modes, with one-versus-one, two-versus-two, a free-for-all, and more, and the unique playable characters. She described how each character has two weapons unique to themselves, which adds to the individuality. “It’s simple enough for a beginner, while at the same time allowing each character to be unique and play in a fun way,” she concluded.

Luan Tran is another OHS senior who loves to play video games, but his interests fall into different genres than Samantha. Luan plays first-person or third-person shooting games and real-time or turn-based strategy games. He likes these contrasting genres for contrasting reasons. “I enjoy the FPS because of the fast-paced action and […] getting to be in the boots of an actual person playing the game. For strategy, I like the slow, methodical thought, and I can take my time thinking about things,” he explained. An action-filled genre like first-person shooting games do not often allow for “slow, methodical thought,” nor are strategy games often fast-paced, and Luan enjoys both of these aspects.

One of the other things that Luan spoke of is that he loves “to study law cases.” As a member of Mock Trial, he does this from time to time. He enjoys looking at the details of the trial, such as whether or not it had a jury or what the decision was. Luan looks at most kinds of cases, criminal and civil, or in the Supreme Court. The law and law enforcement is something that is interesting to him.

The third thing that Luan talked about was being the DM, or Dungeon Master, of his own Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) games. D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game where players create their own characters or use pre-existing ones to play through a world that unfolds around them as they play, moderated by the DM, who creates the world and story. While some DMs will use official games to play, Luan makes his own. “I usually just go [with a] random story I came up with […], put it in the story I usually do, and then we see what happens from there,” he said about his process. The main thing he loves about DMing these games is the quicktime thought process he and the players have to go through. “I enjoy putting people on the spot to see what happens. If I give them a situation, what is their response? […] I really like that sometimes the characters just derail what I had in mind, so I have to come up with something else.”

A set of dice typically used in D&D

This month the theme is love, and love can be for many things. These things vary from person to person. Everyone loves to do different things for different reasons; what do you love to do?

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