Valentine’s Day: Movie Review

Hey single ladies and men and maybe even you couples in relationships, Valentine’s Day, the movie, is the CHEESIEST Valentine’s Day movie out there. However, that doesn’t mean its not good. Garry Marshall directed this chick flick/comedy in 2010 with many popular actors and actresses starring in the film. It premiered on February 12, 2010 in theaters. Surprisingly, the box office profits made a hefty amount of money despite the critical reviews the movie received.

Valentine’s Day follows several groups of people as the film expresses the different and unique hardships of their lives and in some, follows the relationships that can occur during this “holiday”. The movie stars many influential celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Latifah, George Lopez and many more. They all play well developed characters including detailed jobs and family lives and the director did a great job at connecting the different character plots to form a large, cohesive movie.

I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to people who want to laugh at a silly holiday for lovers. As someone who is single, I feel that the movie is also able to connect to the way I feel about Valentine’s Day and will probably be easy for others to relate to their feelings on the day of Love. I do understand why the movie got negative feed back and it is really only for the cheesy content the movie beholds. Some say that the movie is very shallow but it was able to keep moving smoothly. Some critics are even saying that the movie itself is trying to hard. The way it is scripted and the plots are very consistent and add to the humor of the movie. In total I would give the movie a three and a half out of five stars because while the content was good and the acting was decent, some of the humor and jokes were very cringe-worthy.

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