Two Places I Fell in Love With

Traveling is a big part of human discovery: witnessing the beauty of earth or the issues our world faces. Traveling opens our eyes and exposes the true nature of the planet we live on. A big part of my life is traveling, and I want to share the places that has made a big impact on me.

San Francisco

Taken at Ocean Beach in San Francisco

San Fransisco has been a big part of me. I grew up next to this big city. It has shown me how to fight for who I am. San Fransisco is filled with extreme diversity in race, sexuality, beliefs, fashion, and the list goes on and on. It is also a place of great acceptance. Jadyn Blank, a student at Oceana High School located in a town near San Francisco, expressed that “you can show your true expression and be whoever you want to be without feeling judged because it is very accepting…” The people are constantly tackling issues about housing, education, human rights, etc. San Fransisco isn’t afraid to voice its opinion nor back down from fighting injustices, and that’s why I, and many others, love this unique city. For Makayla Seagren, another student from Oceana High School and a frequent visitor of the city, San Francisco is a place of many different communities, cultures, and people compacted into one city: “… you can walk anywhere and be in a whole new district, like be in Chinatown then walk 5 minutes and be in North Beach. Everything is so diverse.” San Fransisco has many different opinions, yet we all come together to protect one another. 

Kuala Lumpur

Taken at the KL Tower Sky Deck

I’ve recently traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in December 2018. It was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect. Least to say, it was very different, yet similar to America. The most memorable moment for me was going to the night market. My family and I walked from our hotel since it was across the street. One thing I noticed was that pedestrians certainly do not come first. We were forced to run across the street to make it to the other side. It seemed extremely dangerous to me, but in KL, it was normal. The people of KL and many other cities don’t have as many street regulations as America. When we reached the night market, my family and I ate food that was hard to come across (at least the good kinds) in America. We ate durian, oyster eggs, bloody clams, and many different types of seafood. Although I had a great experience, tourist attractions like night markets don’t truly show the great poverty and homelessness the people of KL experience. Similarly to SF, homeless citizens are shoved off to the side in order to protect the “good” reputation of the city.


Taken at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii

Every place holds something truly unique that makes it special. Being anywhere and everywhere exposes you to a different environment and teaches you to adapt or stand out. Every place has something beautiful and inspiring. Every place shows you the injustices and inequality of our world. Every place teaches you to be grateful that you have an opportunity to be there. Every place inspires me to make a change and to spread beauty. Every place is beautiful is you choose to see it in a different perspective. I fall in love with every place, and you should too.

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