The Many Types of Love

Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner and for all of us singles it can be extremely sad.

But Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love! There are other types of love not just the romantic kind that couples share. The Ancient Greeks had documented many kinds of love actually. The Greeks understood the types of love can be misunderstood as well as over expressed and under expressed. This is actually very valuable because if one knows about types of love and ways people show it they can live their lives with less misunderstanding.

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Eros The Greek god of passionate love

The first Eros is named after one of the Greek Gods of fertility. Eros is where we get our representation of Cupid from. Eros is known as the Passionate or sexual love one has for their partner. Eros is often in contrast to Logos or the Greek God for logic because humans sexual attraction can often not seem logical only following their sense of Eros.

The second kind is Philia, or love for one’s friends. The Greeks actually valued love for one’s friends more than one’s partner. It often represented the bond between men who fought with each other on a battlefield. The Greeks also highly valued his type of love because it tied together comrades in an army, making it stronger.

The third kind of love is known as Ludus, or playful love. One if the more vague definitions it usually means the love between children or the love in the beginning of a relationship. It is mainly based around relationships of fun. Some would say it is a blossoming love it often is followed by deeper more long lasting love such as Storge or Pragma.

The kind of love for one’s family is known as Storage. It is love for one’s family especially one’s young. It is from a person who may have provided care and unconditional love for another person. It is quite complex, as love usually is. It can also represent the love for your partner. It can start as Eros, a very passionate love and mature into a mutual Storge love of understanding of a lifelong commitment to another person.

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Agape, the universal love. It is the feeling of love for the world, nature, human kind or even ones God. It is what we rely on for charity. Someone wants to support the whole, all people or wanting to support green efforts to save all of earth. It is like altruism and generosity but as love. It is thought to support the social fabric even in times where people are divided it is thought to knit people back together even in divisive or hard times.

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Pragma is the long term love for one’s partner. It often evolves or takes over from a different type of love. The love was shared between long term partners. It often means the love for people with shared goals, compatible partners, common attributes and partners “trying to make it work”. Very common in partners before the modern era because of arranged marriages. The partners didn’t know each other but knew they must make a life together. The partners are often not sexually attracted to one another so they built a life on Pragma. It is often common for Ludus and Eros to slowly become Pragma and Storage.

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The final type of love that the ancient Greeks identified is Philautia. Philautia is self love. It is good for one’s life in healthy doses. To much self love is often categorized as hubris, too little and you become self deprecating. Finding your balance of self love is important to your entire self esteem, because it is your self esteem. When interviewed students often said it was one of the most important because self care is so important. Especially when stressing about things one must remember to love yourself.

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