Oceana’s Sex Ed Squad

Most of us have heard about Sex Ed Squad. Maybe you know a member or have seen their presentations to the health classes. We have a squad in each school in our district.  Oceana’s squad meets every Tuesday after school.

I remember seeing their presentation in my health class, freshman year at Terra Nova. I had no interest in joining and didn’t fully understand the point of it. When I transferred to Oceana, I wanted to join something to try to meet new people and be involved. My friends were joining squad and I learned that it gives you community service hours to be a member so I went. Now that I’m a member of our school’s Sex Ed Squad, I’m so happy that I took a chance and joined. Everyone in squad is welcoming and open-minded. It provides a safe & fun space to expand, and learn how to teach others, your knowledge of topics such as sexual health, safe sex, healthy vs unhealthy relationships. Additionally, we start each squad meeting with a check-in, giving you the chance to just talk about anything going on in your life, whether it be good or bad, without judgement. Since I’ve joined squad, I’ve met new people, improved my presentation skills, and I’m constantly learning new & important things.

So far in Sex Ed Squad we have discussed and learned about a variety of topics (not just sex ed). Our amazing leader McKinnon and the second year crew of squad have taught us about safe sex, forms of birth control, the various STDs, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, abuse/sexual violence, signs of addictions, basics of drugs and alcohol, and much more. Furthermore, squad is a great way to improve on your presenting and teaching skills, which can be very beneficial for careers and the presentation all Oceana students must prepare for, Senior Ex.

In the last few weeks, Sex Ed Squad has lead presentations to the health classes, with lessons on what it means to and how to practice safe sex and the differences and signs of healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships. I presented the safe sex presentation. In this presentation, my group showed students the various barriers that can be used while practicing safe sex, gave a demonstration on the proper way to put on a condom, and then guided the students through the steps as they tried for themselves on the models. These presentations are extremely beneficial because while we do not want to promote or suggest students having sexual relations, we simply teach them that if they are going to be doing so there are ways to do it safely to prevent things such as STDs or pregnancy. The other presentation discussed the differences between healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and some of the signs of an unhealthy, or even abusive, relationship. This presentation is very important because whether the relationship is with family, a friendship, or a romantic relationship, it is important to know if it is unhealthy or abusive.

If you’re looking for a way to meet new people, improve presenting skills, get community service hours, and learn more about sex ed, squad could be great for you. In Sex Ed Squad, you’re given a way to meet many new Oceana students and possibly even form new friendships. Squad also gives you 50 community service hours for your year of participation, which is half of the hours required for graduation. And, of course, Sex Ed Squad is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on important life skills. Sex Ed Squad also has fun activities with your squad and the other squads in our district such as our very our prom and squad bonding activities. We meet every Tuesday and are provided with snacks at every meeting. You can join Sex Ed Squad starting sophomore year so if you’re interested you can sign up by going to the first meeting starting next school year.

If any Oceana students have questions, or just feel like they need someone to talk to, whether is be good or bad, regarding any of these topics, there are many resources. They can talk to Oceana’s wellness counselor, Ms. Ambrose, make an appointment with a counselor at the Daly City Youth Health Center, or have a conversation with any members of Sex Ed Squad. For free condoms you can go to the DCYHC or ask any Sex Ed Squad member. To learn more about the DCYHC or make an appointment for a visit, you can use the link below.


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