Anti Valentine’s Day Music

It’s that time of year again: the season of love. Every article during the month of February is always talking about the same things, but no one ever writes for the people that do not have anyone to spend the 14th of February with. I want to write for those people and this is also for me to cope with the sad single life. I made a playlist consisting of 9 songs that celebrates and mourns the single life. I will be mentioning a few of my favorite Anti Valentine’s Day songs.

  1. No Scrubs – TLC


The song that my friends and I scream in the car. Single or not, no one wants a scrub in their life. A scrub is a guy who can’t get love from me. This song empowers women and men to do better and find someone who will treat them well financially and romantically. Jazzy N., a senior in Oceana, describes this song as “a classic.” I agree with Jazzy: it’s a classic.

2. Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake 

JT River.jpg

My favorite Justin wrote “Cry Me a River” in 2002 and it’s still a song that goes hard today. This is the song you cry to even though it talks about the opposite. Listening to music about pain is so comforting for single people and makes you grateful that you’re single because you don’t have to experience the pain many people go through. A 14-year- old girl named Audrey, who is a freshman in Jefferson High talks about why she likes the song. “It hits the spot,” she says. Whatever spot that is, Audrey, I hope it doesn’t hit too hard.

3. So Sick – Ne-Yo


My personal favorite song to cry endlessly to is Ne-Yo’s So Sick. It talks about how sick he is of love songs because it reminds him of the love he once had. Ne-yo is tired of being blue and crying over you. Amen to Ne-yo. A legend. This is the song you can cry to or sing at the top of your lungs with pure joy in celebration that you’re happy and single. Alyssa Castro describes this as “the ultimate post breakup song.” I agree, Alyssa! It really is the ultimate post-break up song. It shows us how hurt he is over the breakup as he sings about being tired of crying and trying to get over what he lost.

Here is the playlist for all the single people or just people who want some good music:



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