Being a Part of a Romance

If you’ve ever been a part of a romantic relationship, it’s definitely had its ups and downs. But if you haven’t been in one, what can you expect from a relationship?

I am a person who currently has a girlfriend. For us, not a lot has changed other than there being more cuddly things. We both make sure that the other is okay and because of my passive nature, there hasn’t been any fights. It’s a bit of a casual relationship if that’s the right word to describe it. There’s many moments where the two of us talk about how much we appreciate and love each other. I tend to always make sure that she feels comfortable and alright and always apologize if I feel like I did something to make her uncomfortable. We support each other whenever we can, and that’s one of the best parts about our relationship.

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We first started as friends, of course. One of my other friends introduced me to her and we got along quite well. We quickly became best friends, having a lot in common and playing video games together. I ended up getting her into the slightly obscure video game Skullgirls, which is one of the many topics we tend to talk about. After a long while, I had been questioning if I had a crush on her. I questioned for a long time because I wanted to be 100% sure, and I later talked to one of my other friends about it. With his help, I did realize I that I love her and later asked for advice on telling her that I liked her. He gave me advice, rested my anxieties, and helped me gather the courage to ask her out. When I did ask her out, she told me that she loved me too but wanted to wait until the summer because she’d have more time and didn’t want me to feel like she was ignoring me. I respected her decision and once the summer hit, we began to date.

How do we keep our relationship healthy? We look out for each other. When there’s something on our minds, we talk about it and help each other out. If we need space, then we give the other as much space as they need. Keeping a relationship healthy is a key part of maintaining said relationship. When your partner says no, they mean no. If your partner says they need time to themselves, give them as much time as they need and do not be impatient about it. Respect their wishes and privacy, and make sure they don’t feel uncomfortable in the relationship.

What other advice do I have? Think of your partner, but think of yourself too. If your partner does something that makes you feel unsafe, tell them. Remind them that they can tell you if they feel unsafe too. Stand up for yourself, don’t be passive but don’t be aggressive. Be assertive – it’s easier said than done, but it’ll help.

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