Winter Break

Through the last minute projects and cramming for finals, students are starting to think about their plans for winter break. Some people have trips planned, others can’t wait for the holidays, and everyone is excited to sleep in and escape the stress of school.

I talked to four Oceana students and asked all of them a few main questions, in relation to the upcoming winter break. First, I asked them if they had big plans or are going on any vacations. Westley James, a senior at Oceana, is planning on going to Lake Tahoe with his family. He says he’s eager to go there at this time of year and be in the snow. “I like the winter activities like snowboarding, drinking hot cocoa, and playing volleyball in the snow,” he adds.

When I asked the interviewees what they really liked about break, Tyler West, a junior at Oceana, answered, “I like getting stuff for the holidays. But mainly, I’m just excited to spend time with friends and family, like getting to see my grandma.” Another Oceana junior, Suren Sanai, responded, “I’m excited to go to my family’s house for Christmas and most of all, I’ll just be happy to be out of school.”

Next, I inquired what they enjoyed most about the holiday season. Suren explains that he just likes celebrating as many holidays as possible, listing Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas as all holidays he takes part in. Molly Lamb, another junior, states “I like that during the holidays everyone is happy and families come together.” Additionally, both Suren and Molly confessed their favorite part of the holidays is the music. “I love Christmas music!” Molly exclaimed. She says that at this time of year she plays it nonstop.

Lastly, I asked if they had any New Year’s Resolutions. Westley said he wanted to improve his grades and get a job. Molly declared she plans on trying to eat healthy, work out more, and gain some weight. Tyler replied, “I would like to work on myself and overall try to be a better person.”

Although we all have varying plans and differing preferences when it comes to winter break and the holiday season, everyone can agree on one thing: we can’t wait for break to start.





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