Why I’m Grateful for the Sims 4 November Update

Maxis has released an update for Sims 4 on November 13 which includes bug fixes, style influence career, terrain manipulation, more basement levels, foundation manipulation, custom career naming, a positive challenge, a new Sims tutorial, and a brand new first person camera.

Two of my personal favorites are the first person camera. I’ve tried out the first person camera, but my mods make it wonky and make it show teeth and eyes when it shouldn’t. I’m not sure which mods cause this, though…


I decided to test it out recently with my Crash Bandicoot-themed Sims 4 household, and the results were funny yet scary. The first picture is of Neo Cortex, the main antagonist in Crash Bandicoot, browsing the intelligence database as part of his job, but as we go into his brain and point of view, we see his teeth, nostrils, and eyes. Not a pretty sight. The same goes for Crash Bandicoot as he talks to his sister, Coco, we see his eyelashes as well. One of the employees for Sims has a workaround for this, and says that the glitch may be fixed in a newer update.


But as we go into Coco’s mind, or point of view, we don’t see her nostrils, eyebrows, or teeth. Because of this, I realized that in my game, the first person teeth glitch only happens sometimes and other times doesn’t. I tested it with another save of mine and one of my sims, with mainly custom content on them, doesn’t always have the first person teeth glitch – she only does sometimes.

I haven’t tried the custom career naming until now, but the patch notes say that you can have your Sim use their phone to Register with the Ministry of Labor and type in the job description and title, which can only lead to the funniest or strangest jobs by many Simmers. Now you can become a hippo therapist, a nail polish namer, a pick-up artist instructor, a snake milker, a professional sleeper, and many more, as long as you can type in the job name.


In these screenshots, I tested out registering my personal sim, Marie, for a customized job in the same saved game – and it works! It lets you input just about anything for the job, so you can pretty much be almost anything you want.

The Positivity Challenge, lead by Millie Bobby Brown, ended on December 4th and was said to give rewards and a new aspiration. First, a sim would have to meet up with Millie Bobby Brown and get information on the challenge, then you’d be mostly set to go. Doing this challenge can unlock decor with powerful moodlets and, as said before, unlock an all new aspiration. It also unlocks a Kindness Ambassador trait!

The Style Influencer career is all about fashion, starting as a Rag Reviewer and observing trends and fads, soon you will be able to show off your Sim and their outfits. This is  perfect for those who love modelling sims and outfits. The career has your sim work from home and you will be able to make over other Sims in the vicinity, and if your makeover is successful then people will notice. It adds the useful sketchpad and style-board items, which are very suggested for the Style Influencer career. On the topic of fashion, the patch also adds a dresser to store clothes in and a wall mirror to admire your outfits in.

Other than career changes, there is also terrain manipulation available. Many fans have waited for terrain manipulation for a long time. Now in the Sims 4, you can create hills, a house on a hill, a giant hole, the deepest lot ever, and more. Terrain manipulation lets you sculpt, lower, and raise their flat lots into something new.

With all of this said, along with the bug fixes, it brings me to the conclusion that I am grateful for this update because it adds new features and even some from past Sims games, mainly terrain tools being from past games. I believe that these additions may improve the game on a big margin.

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