The Grinch (2018)

       The Grinch is a classic movie that everyone somehow ends up watching around Christmas. The Original Grinch movie came out in 1966 and was remade into a live-action film in 2000. The live version is the classic that everyone loves and adores. I personally was scared of the live version when I was young, as it was kind of haunting due to the facial features of the live-action Grinch. This year, the creators of the movies “The Lorax” and “Despicable Me” have made the Grinch movie that came out November 9, 2018. The Christmas vibes came early this year but I went to check out the movie to see if it gave me the Christmas feel of the original Grinch movies that I was looking for.

     When I went to watch the movie, I noticed that many of the people watching the film were little kids. In fact, my 4 year old niece was the one that told me to watch the new Grinch movie. Always trust the kids. I came into the movie theater expecting the film to teach the same lesson that the old Grinch movies taught: the true meaning behind Christmas, the gift of giving. While it did, this movie had a more comedic approach to doing so, with certain jokes and scenes changed or added to appeal to a young, modern audience. The film still follows the same premise as the original films, showing an evil man and how he sees Christmas, as well as how the kindness of the townsfolk was able to change his views. The entire movie was narrated by Pharrell Williams, which gave the movie a very warm and comforting feeling, just because his voice is so nice to hear. This new version was very vibrant and colorful, and the animations were without a doubt outstanding. I only wish that they gave the Grinch more of a mean look compared to the soft facial features they gave him in this rendition. Due to this detail, the dark aspect of the Grinch was not really captured in this film as it was in the live version. While the story and plot is the same, the new take on the Grinch, with its tweaked scenes and frankly unfitting vibrancy lessens the film had, is nothing compared to the original.


         If this was the first Grinch movie I ever watched I would give it an 8.5 but, knowing the other versions of the Grinch, this gets a 7 stars because it is just not the same message and vibe you get from the old film. Now I understand why my little niece loved this movie: because she has never seen the other films of the Grinch. A toddler or families would enjoy and love this movie but as a teenage boy who has loved and adored the old films of the Grinch, it does not capture the same vibes of the other films. I would still recommend watching it if you have nothing to do over break and it is a good movie to put on in family gatherings to stop annoying relatives. Happy Holidays and have a good one.

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