Prom 2019

Though school has just begun, we are all excited and waiting in anticipation for this year’s prom. Many juniors and seniors have already started preparing, looking at dresses and wondering what to expect. Oceana’s prom committee is in charge of all of the planning for our prom. I talked to Jadyn Blank, a junior at Oceana and one of the prom committee’s head commissioners, to find out how they are preparing for this year’s prom.

The main purpose of prom committee is to prepare and plan out the biggest formal dance at Oceana. Oceana’s prom committee is split up into several committees: decor, public relations, invites, secretaries, treasury, and food. Each committee is assigned to a task.

For example, as a part of the decor committee, we are in charge of finding the perfect decorations for prom, balancing the costs of the decorations, using money raised by the committee in various fundraisers, and decorating the location. The members in the treasury committee, on the other hand, are in charge of the money spent by prom committee, and the food committee handles the food that will be served at prom. Public relations advertises prom and helps with fundraisers, invites creates the invitations for prom, and the secretaries record what is talked about at each prom committee meeting that takes place during lunch every Thursday leading up to prom.

Jadyn is excited to be a part of prom committee this year. When asked why she joined, she responded, “I joined prom committee because I wanted to be more involved with my school. Also because I really wanted to better Oceana’s school dances [and] I thought the best way to do so is to take action myself.” She hopes to contribute ideas that will improve prom’s designs and overall outcome. She adds that prom committee is working hard to make this the best prom yet and that students should look forward to a version of prom unique to this school. Jadyn says, “I’m excited to see all of my and my committees’ hard work pay off by seeing the end product of prom and enjoying it myself!”

Prom will take place on May 18, 2019 and the tickets are $120. They will go on sale in 2019 and will be sold in the student store. If you need any more information or have any questions about prom, you can ask Ms. David or prom committee members. More information about prom, such as exact ticket selling dates, location, and theme, will be released soon, along with invitations.

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