Hopes For The New Year

Source: Wikipedia

The new year is upon us; just 11 days left of 2018. Besides a time for celebration for many, it is also a time to think ahead. With thoughts towards the future, what are students thinking of 2019? What are they looking forward to? What do they hope to accomplish? Three Oceana students talk about their answers to these questions.

The students generally have an idea of what they are looking forward to in 2019. “I’m looking forward to doing other things after finishing college apps,” Nelson Chong, a senior, told Shark’s Tribune. UC college applications were due Nov. 30. “I would like to learn to drive more, just hang out with friends.” Also a senior, Jude Pabonan is thinking of the end of the school year. “Next year I am hoping to just graduate.” As a senior, this would be his last year of high school. Meanwhile, Stevie Brunton, a freshman, has other thoughts in mind. “I’m looking forward to Interim,” Stevie said. “From what I’ve heard its supposed to be really fun.” Interim Week is a special week at Ocean High School where students attend a course of their choosing in place of normal classes. This school year it starts on April 1st.

A photo taken by a student during the Photographing San Francisco Interim, as seen on the OHS website.

When asked what they were looking forward to, in terms of school, Stevie’s response remained the same. “Basically just Interim is what I’m excited about.” However, as far as school events go, Stevie was unsure. “I’m not entirely sure what’s going on next year. I haven’t been told much.” Nelson shared a similar thought. “I don’t exactly know what school events are coming out, so we’ll see there.” Indeed, not much about school events has been said about next year. Jude, thinking about after graduation, said, “I am honestly hoping to get into an art school out of California.”

The final question asked was what these students were personally hoping to accomplish in the new year. Nelson answered with “graduating.” Graduation day is also something he is looking forward to. Jude is “hoping to get better at competitive video games.” Stevie shares a goal that likely many other students hold as well: “to get good grades.”

2019 is almost here, and the students of Oceana are thinking about what it may hold. Some are thinking of the short-term, and others the long. As we move towards the new year, good luck in achieving your goals, students!

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