Classic Christmas Movie Reviews

As the weather starts cooling down, it is common to snuggle up with our families and watch a movie.  I interviewed two juniors at Oceana High School to see what their favorite classic Christmas movies were.

Classic Christmas Movie: Elf

Sebastian Black makes watching Elf a family tradition. He explains that “Watching it was like a marker that the holidays were starting”. Sebastian loves the exaggerated sentiments of the film, as that has always made watching it an enjoyable experience for him. It reflects what we look for during this time of year: to be ourselves. He notes that he does not “know how to describe it, but it basically exemplifies what’s so happy about this time of year”. Sebastian points out that it has always given him a sentimental feeling that helps get him into the holiday mood.

Classic Christmas Movie: Polar Express and The Grinch

Image result for polar express    Image result for the grinch 2000

For Jadyn Blank, these movies remind her about what the holidays are all about. She expresse “I love all the unique messages they send”.  She loves to wrap herself in a blanket while drinking hot chocolate and watching the movies with her family. “It’s the best feeling and I remember watching them with my mom”. She believes Christmas movie spark up memories and that, when you watch them, you always feel like you are in the comfort of your home.

Overall, classic holiday films, such as those mentioned by Sebastian and Jadyn, help us to realize what really matters in life: family, friends, and creating memories with each other.


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