Christmas Fun Near Pacifica

For many people, Christmas spirit has been lacking this year. There are a couple different activities to do in Pacifica during Christmas that would be perfect to set the mood for the upcoming holidays.

dickensfair1For starters, there is the Dickens Christmas fair in the Cow Palace, San Francisco. Dickens Fair is a fun, interactive fair based in Victorian London during Christmas. In some ways, it’s a bit like an elaborate party with booths to sell items and foods, and a huge amount of people attending. There are shows you can watch, games to play, delicious food, and hundreds of costumed workers. It takes place every weekend of December both Saturday and Sunday. Tickets for adults are $30 for an entire day, and children are only $14.

ff_12_16_15_BOther than the Dickens Fair, there is also the Oakland Zoo lights, which is a display of Christmas lights and even a couple of rides. The Oakland Zoo also offers a laser light show as a part of this, which is a light show that is set to go with music. It only costs $10 for adult non- members, and $9 for children non-members (if you are a member it is a dollar cheaper).

Although Pacifica itself may not be the most festive town, all of the towns surrounding it have a multitude of different Christmas activities for you to enjoy.

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