Volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club

One of the various opportunities for community service is the IBL Boys & Girls Club, a club at IBL where the students come to do homework, hang out and play games outside with friends, and enjoy activities conducted by the staff. For Example,  Photography Club, where kids are given cameras and the task of photographing subjects around the club and the school, and Passport to Manhood/Womanhood, where the boys and girls are taken into separate groups to talk about personal matters in confidentiality or other pressing topic that will aid them in the future.

But it isn’t just fun and games for students or volunteers. Part of the volunteers’ responsibilities is keeping an eye on the kids —  making sure they are safe and not doing anything they shouldn’t be doing, as well as making sure that the club is clean and hazard free. While phones are allowed, volunteers are expected to not be using them during the time that they are at the club supervising the kids.

Students at the club have their own responsibilities as well. They are expected to follow a schedule, which is set by both themselves and staff member Frank Delgado. Every day from 3:30 to 4:30 the IBL students go to Academic Hour at the school, an hour of time set aside for the students to get homework done in peace and quiet at the IBL Makerspace or the school library. During this time, the volunteers get the club area to themselves, and are able to work on their own homework or other things they need to work on.

“The Boys & Girls club is one of the best places in Pacifica to earn community service, especially by having a good time,” says staff member Frank Delgado. Volunteering here is a great way to earn community service hours, and gives you plenty of experience working with kids, which can give you that extra boost on job resumes.

Those who would like to join can come directly down to IBL Middle school and pay a visit to the site, check out the job and talk first hand with volunteers and staff to see how the work is and whether or not they would enjoy the work. It is undeniably one of the best ways to earn community service hours, whether you’re available weekly or daily, and is sure to give you a good experience in the process.


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