Hidden Gems of Pacifica

By Phil Mochel

The small city of Pacifica, with a population of just under forty thousand, has many nooks and crannies to explore. We may know Pacifica as the city in which Oceana High School is located, but after interviewing locals, there is so much more than just a school.

El Gran Amigo 2

Pacifica has no shortage of Mexican restaurants but none are as hidden or as cute as El Gran Amigo. It is located in the back corner of the Linda Mar shopping center.  They serve excellent nachos with thick chips. The restaurant has a nice small town vibe with terracotta floor tiles. It’s well kept and feels friendly when you walk in. If you like a good hidden Mexican place you haven’t tried yet, I advise you check it out!

Roberts Road

While not as hidden, the road between Sea bowl and Cabrillo school has a fantastic view of our lovely town and Pacifica state beach. During the sunset you can watch the colors reflected on the water and see the shadows over the valley. Oceana High School senior, Mimi, said she likes visiting it with friends because the view and location is nice. To get there from Oceana High School is not a long ride. Drive down Highway 1, pull up Sea Bowl Lane then on your right is Roberts Road. If you visit, you may need a jacket because wind can really pick up during this season. Also makes sure it is a clear day or all you will see is clouds out at the water. But if you want a stunning view on a cool road, you should visit this hidden gem in Pacifica.

Cafe Pacifica

Also known as The Mermaid Cafe, the Cafe Pacifica is the cafe on Palmetto Avenue. People call it the Mermaid Cafe because they have a wooden figure of a mermaid out front of the patio. They serve bagels, wraps, and regular cafe drinks a great price. With classic beach decor,  it feels just like how it should: A little beach town cafe. Oceana High School senior, Sammy, told me when asked if she had visited Cafe Pacifica, “Oh that’s what it’s called? I always called it the mermaid cafe… but I like their food and it’s a nice change from other cafes in the area!”  Not even a 10 minute walk from the beach you can grab a coffee and go watch the waves. The location is the main attraction for me, and the deck is very cute with all the beach decoration, especially on a nice day. You can imagine getting a coffee and sitting in the beach breeze. If you always walk past this place, check Cafe Pacifica out!

Hopefully you are inspired to visit these places in this small city.

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