Coping With Anxiety

Did you know that more than 1 out of 20 children and teens have anxiety?

The number of teens with anxiety over the years has grown more and more, making it a rather common condition.

Anxiety is a mental disorder where the person experiences anxiety attacks or panic attacks, persistent and excessive worry, especially about everyday situations. almost or constant nervousness, trouble sleeping, and much more. There are multiple types of anxiety and all types of anxiety have many symptoms. Everyone can be affected by anxiety, both teachers and students can be affected by anxiety in a multitude of ways. Anxiety can happen anywhere and everywhere, for anyone can have anxiety no matter what.

According to the Mayo Clinic, anxiety can interfere with everyday life and has many symptoms. The Mayo Clinic says that “people with anxiety disorders frequently have intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations”. In other words, those with anxiety worry more frequently about things than others.

Medical News Today says that “Excessive anxiety is most commonly triggered by the stress of day-to-day living and any combination of (genetics, medical factors, environmental factors, etc)”. They say that anxiety has many causes, and assesses post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder as types of anxiety as well. One of the most common anxiety disorders is generalized anxiety disorder.

An interviewee, Oceana student Matt Dimond, shared his experiences with anxiety. Matt says that anxiety makes him “get really nervous and overthink,” a common occurrence for many people with anxiety. He says that he knows many other people with anxiety and that he deals with anxiety multiple times a week. His advice to anyone else with anxiety is to drink water during an anxiety attack, because of the need for hydration especially during an anxiety attack. Matt adds that anxiety may cause nervous breakdowns, getting irritated at many things, and adds that people may get really quiet during an anxiety attack.

Melissa Ambrose, a licensed social worker with anxiety, say that her anxiety makes her worry a lot in general, especially about the future or the environment. She deals with anxiety just about every day, and she copes with it through mindfulness and asking herself if her anxious thoughts are really true. She does NOT recommend using addicting things to cope (like video games, caffeine, etc,) and her advice to those who do have anxiety is to get help from anyone they trust who has had experience with anxiety. Melissa also says that having anxiety doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you – it is just being human.

In conclusion, anxiety has many forms and can happen to anyone, anywhere. With a good understanding of anxiety, and what to do when someone’s having a panic attack or anxiety attack, the person can help those with anxiety.  If you’re struggling with anxiety or have questions, seek help and information. Here are some resources:

Find more information about anxiety issues at :

Talk to a counselor at Oceana:

Ms. Ambrose

Get access to counseling at the Daly City Youth Health Center:

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