New Administration

Oceana High School has pretty frequent fluctuations in its staff, but this year the changes are even more extreme. With a new principal, new vice principals, and a lot of new teachers, there’s bound to be a shift in the school community. What do they think of their new positions at a unique school like Oceana?

For example, we now have Ms. Holland as our principal. She was the vice principal at Oceana for six years, and now, five years later, she’s back. Besides working as a vice principal in the past, she is also experienced in teaching positions. She taught at a middle school for 23 years, so she’s been around a teenage environment for a long time. None of the students currently going to Oceana have previously known her, but the Oceana environment is very welcoming. We’re all lucky to have someone who’s already familiar with Oceana and many of the staff here.

Joshua Knudson is one of the new vice principals who started this year. Though he has years of experience working in leadership positions, such as being a principal in Peru, this is his first time as a vice principal. We held an interview with him to learn more about what he thinks of this new school. When asked about how his time so far at Oceana has been, Mr. Knudson told us, “I have had an excellent time here. Every experience I’ve had has been positive.” Particularly he has “really enjoyed getting to know the students and the staff.” On the subject of what he hopes to do this school year, he said that he hopes to “support the students and teachers. […] Even though I’m starting slow, I can finish strong.”

With all of these changes in administration, we decided to interview someone close to these leadership positions to find out what they think of it all – someone like Marie Agra, the Administrative Assistant for the past three years. In the interview, Ms. Agra told us about how she has no problems with the changes. “With [Ms. Holland] coming back, I was very comfortable with everything still staying the same. […] Our vice principals […] are both relatively new, but they’re falling into their positions easily […].”

Oceana’s administration is changing, and it seems like most people are comfortable with this change. While they’re settling in and getting used to things, it’s up to us to make them feel welcome at OHS. The staff and students here are vital to the way Oceana functions, and we should all be open to this change, which will hopefully be for the best.

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