What are Oceana students up to after school?

Have you ever wondered what your peers do after school? Interested in where they work, what clubs they’re in, and what sports or activities they do? Discover the lives of students after school hours are over!

Sharon is ninth grader and is involved in quite a bit around Oceana.  She enjoys math class because, “It’s satisfying when I finally get the answer after going through the whole process.” Sharron plays tennis and is also apart of mock trial, an after school club that “mocks” what real attorneys do in real life with similar cases.  “It’s pretty fascinating to see what real lawyers and witnesses would do as well as examining…cases,” says Sharron.  She also does a lot more than just tennis and mock trial.  Sharron and her friends like to hang out, play games and explore San Francisco.  “We like to go to interactive museums like the Museum of Ice Cream and Candytopia as well as going to boba shops, dessert places, and trying new foods.”  Sharon definitely recommends to try Supercue or Eggettes for your boba needs.

Kayla is a tenth grader at Oceana and also contributes to Oceana’s Community.  In order to gain Oceana’s required community service hours, she is a member of Sex Ed Squad, a club focused on sexual education for teens, and participates in the after school Gardening program.  In Sex Ed Squad, Kayla and the other group members are not only educated on sexual health topics, but are also educators themselves who present to students in their health classes.  Along with school activities, she tutors other students in all school-related subjects: “With my help, the students I tutor they have had better grades and understand their work better.”  Not only is she involved with her community, but she also makes time to hang out with her friends.  Kayla explains, “We will go out and eat or get something to drink.  However, most often I will work on my comic with my friends to get feedback on the art and storyline.”

Oceana students have diverse interests reflected in their after school activities.  Some are more leisurely, while others are more academically rigorous.  Discover more about your peers by asking them what they do. You might be surprised!

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