The Newest Statement Piece: A Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask has been a growing trend at many schools, but why are they so popular?

Hydro Flask is a insulated bottle brand, founded in 2009.  It gained sales momentum by 2011.  Made of double walled pro-grade stainless steel that provides vacuum insulation, the Hydro Flask is not only guards the temperature of the liquid inside, whether hot or cold, but also prevents flavor transfer from one drink to another.  Additionally, its signature outer powder coat provides a non-slip grip and numerous customizable colors to suit the customers.

Over the past 9 years, Hydro Flask has added different types of products including tumblers, cups for beer and wine, food flasks, soft coolers, apparel, and accessories for water bottles, including different types of “caps” and “boots” that go on the bottom of the water bottle to protect it from scratches. Over the past 9 years, we have also seen a growing interest in this specific brand, especially throughout the student population at Oceana High School located in Pacifica, California.

Julia Vidal, a 12th grader at Oceana High School, comments, “I really like how they come in a wide variety of colors because then you can pick the one you like the most. Since you can pick the colors I think that also makes it more customizable to your personality or style.”  Students like Julia channel their personalities through the color of their water bottles.  Hydro Flask allows its customers to personalize the color of the cap, bottle, and boot as well as choose the size they want it in.

Along with customization, Julia adds that as an athlete on Oceana’s Cross Country team, owning a Hydro Flask encourages her to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day.  Even her coach, Michael Tang, claims that he “…drinks it so fast,” and uses his Hydro Flask to keep him hydrated.

There is also the environmental point of view: using a Hydro Flask helps reduce the use of plastic water bottles. It can take up to 450 years for one plastic water bottle to decompose.

As trendy as Hydro Flasks are right now, some believe that buying one is simply not worth it.  Cameron Brown and Angelina Trefz, students from Oceana High School, claim that the $40 water bottle is out of their budget and that it is not worth it for the price.  Leon Zhao, an 11th grader at Oceana High School, explains, “I wouldn’t buy it for the sole purpose of just drinking water, because any insulated water bottle can keep your water hot or cold.”

If Hydro Flasks are truly just like any other water bottle, what makes them so popular?  According to Cameron Brown, “I imagine the craze is just because the makers have been able to market them pretty well,” and he is correct.  Hydro Flasks are everywhere! Stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart, Amazon, and REI all sell Hydro Flasks in array of sizes and colors.  Hydro Flasks are in the hands of students or in the side pockets of their backpacks.  Not only are they the new statement pieces, but also friend statements too.  Leon Zhao also states that his entire friend group owns Hydro Flask and that they bond over the “protection” of them.  As more people buy these branded water bottles, its popularity grows.

Hydro Flasks are a growing trend, but will you follow it too? You decide if you are #TeamHydroFlask or #AntiHydroFlask.

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