Cognizance of Oceana’s Thirty First


Halloween is arriving soon and Oceana is definitely planning something special for the days to come.  As of now, not everything has been revealed about the Halloween events, but interviewing ASB and the school faculty provided some clearer details.

Speaking with ASB senior Michael Sagum, one of the members in charge of video announcements and advertising, has confirmed that Halloween Fest will return this year with some familiar attractions. He says, “The haunted house will also be back as well as many games and desserts.”  Sagum chooses to keep private the specific details for this year, however. While he hints that Halloween Fest might undergo changes this year, he admits that those changes depend “on the people who run the events.  So in ASB, there are different committees…determined by your position, and all of those committees run the events, such as the festival. and I don’t know if there will be any changes previously.”

ASB members are not the only ones in charge of Halloween Fest.  According to Sagum, “The cooking class we have will be at the Halloween Fest,” but regarding other classes and clubs, he is uncertain.

Despite the fact that it takes place after school, school rules regarding dress code and costumes still apply. Weapons, real or fake, are prohibited, along with costumes that are considered culturally disrespectful, or that promote illegal activities. Oceana vice principal Jeanne Bellinger says that the rules persist to “keep students safe and to have a school atmosphere, even if it’s a holiday,” and breaking these rules “can get you to be sent home.”  Ms. Bellinger also says that masks aren’t allowed nor appropriate because “we can’t see who you are, and it can be very distracting in class.”

So there you have it, Halloween Fest will take place on October 26th, 2018 between 6-9 PM at the cafeteria. If there are any further questions, contact ASB President Merilouisse Bugay or ASB Vice President Chanel Lejano.


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