Autumn gotem

Delicate dew drops lining fresh autumn leaves; a crisp faint breeze; a welcoming shiver; a satisfying crunch beneath your feet…

How does our community feel about autumn? How do they dress, what things do they bring, and what steps do they take to prepare for fall? Are there any down sides to this beloved season?

Do people’s feelings about this season change as the leaves do? I interviewed two students from Oceana to get their opinions. The responses I got were clear – the vibes of fall are all around nice vibes: a little spooky, a little joyful, and induces tons of memories. Kian, a senior at Oceana, even stated, “it’s the only time of year where we actually have good weather in Pacifica.” Robin, another senior at Oceana, agreed with this statement, saying, “Yeah, [fall’s] pretty lit.”

Image of a nice day in October at Oceana

Figuring out how to dress for a season can often be tricky, but the way these students broke it down makes dressing for fall a piece of cake! “Fall literally gives me an excuse to dress as lazy as I want. Sweaters, big sweaters. Pajama pants,” Robin expressed when asked how she dresses for the season. Kian gave us useful ideas for those of us who are more on the festive side. “If you’re into it get into the spirit by looking up outfits online and dressing and doing makeup in warm fall colors like yellow, red, orange, and purple.” By looking online you can get ideas of fall styles that correlate with your style. The biggest piece of advice that both people I interviewed agreed on was “dress in layers!” The weather in Pacifica is crazy and you never know what kind of weather you’ll catch through the day.

Dry skin, chapped lips, unknown weather… Despite this all, the consensus seems to be that the community enjoys this season. It feels warm and fuzzy, surrounded by beautiful colors and smells of pumpkin spice, giving us excuses to settle into the peaceful and lit vibes of autumn.

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