Crazy Rich Asians: Review

Crazy Rich Asians Review

By: Katie Kwan

A movie with a terrific cast and amazing visuals, Crazy Rich Asians, has become the #1 hit movie in the United States.

In 2018, the movie Crazy Rich Asians came out in theaters. The director of the movie was Jon M, Chu.  The movie was based on the #1 best-selling book. published on June 11, 2013. The movie was released on August 15, 2018.

Crazy Rich Asians, is about a Chinese-American professor who travels to meet her boyfriend’s family and is surprised to discover they are the richest family in Singapore.  The movie takes place in the most beautiful parts of Malaysia and Singapore. The way the scenes were shot were just astonishing to watch and it was an eye catcher. The cast of Crazy Rich Asians consist of Constance Wu and Henry Golding. Constance and Henry portrayed their characters beautifully and their acting skills were just amazing.  From the beginning to the end of the movie was just…breathtaking. The plot was smooth and there were no holes or confusing moments in the movie.

In an interview with Hannah Balton, a senior at Oceana, she states, “It was a good, funny, heartwarming movie and tugs on your heart strength”.  She also states, “ I would definitely recommend this movie because the cast was really good and the story line was just amazing and she would for sure watch it again.”

From my point of view, I really liked the movie and so far it’s probably one of the best movies I’ve watched because it is so different.  I really enjoyed the fact that this it is the first movie with an all Asian cast and how Asian culture was given a dignified spotlight. It was a movie that had a mixture of comedy and romance, as well as a huge plot twist.  Overall, the cast and production were stunning. What was special about this movie was that the creator’s used different vibrant colors, which made everything stand out. I would definitely recommend this movie to people who love comedy and romance movie with a little twist to it. I would rate this movie 5/5!

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