Senior Exhibition

By: Kerry Clayden

Seniors at OHS are currently going through an important project that they have been prepared for all throughout their education at Oceana: Senior Exhibition. This unique assignment is a key feature of Oceana’s curriculum. The tall order calls for two interviews, a 15 page essay, and a 30 minute presentation as the end result; it’s no wonder seniors spend the entire year working on research for the controversial topic of their choice. But how are students doing on this exciting project so far? Though we’re only two months into the school year, seniors have already have had at least two mentor meetings, an interview with a professional on their topic, and are close to completing the first piece of their essay.

Christian Metran, a senior researching self driving cars for his exhibition, thinks despite what’s been due so far, and what’s going to be due soon, everything is so far, so good. “I think it’s going pretty well,” he rules. “I’m not too stressed about it right now.”

Students are far from without support on this. The aforementioned mentor meetings allow for teachers to talk directly with their mentees about their work, help students with any struggles they are having, and push students to write the best papers they can. Students also receive a lot of support through their humanities classes, and because all teachers are mentors, they know when there’s an exhibition deadline and understand if there’s a little extra stress.

So what advice do current seniors recommend for future seniors? Though early on in the school year seniors have a plethora of advice. Anthony McBroom, who is doing his topic on affirmative action in colleges, gives the following advice: “Do your work on time and don’t slack off.” It’s similar advice all around, there’s a set calendar given to students at the beginning of the year, giving seniors a clear answer of what is due when. Simply stick to the deadlines and you’ll be fine. “Have things by the deadlines so you’re not late and rushing to do them,” remarks Christian.

No surprises here:  It’s basically what teachers have been saying since students were freshmen at Oceana: ask for help when you need it, communicate with your mentor, stay organized, and you’ll be fine.

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