Freshman’s First Day


By: Savannah Jensen and Katie Kwan

What do you think freshmen’s first day of school is like?

Our interviews gave us an insight on their first day of school, along with their stresses and expectations. We talked to four freshmen at Oceana High School on September 6th, 2018. They told us their about interests and the challenges coming into a new environment.

Samuel Lund, a 14 year old, is a freshman at Oceana High School. Sam explained that on the first day he attended Oceana he was very nervous and confused because of the block schedule. The block schedule was different for him because at his middle school, Ocean Shore, they didn’t switch classes. He enjoys the teachers, the periods being short, and the uplifting community here at Oceana. Sam joined the cross country team this year and looks forward to track and basketball.

“I love my teachers and there’s nobody that I dislike, Oceana is a very good community”


Sofie G. is also a freshman at Oceana High School. To improve her school year she has set herself some goals like getting good grades and staying organized. She explained that the environment is totally different because of the amount of people. On her first day she met a lot of new people and really likes her teachers. She is most excited for club fair and interim. Overall she is really excited for her freshman year at Oceana.


“I think my goals for this year would be staying organized and getting good grades”


Zuzu is a freshman at Oceana. She looks forward to meeting new friends. She really likes how Oceana does block schedule because it’s different from any other high school. She enjoys having 3 classes a day but doesn’t like how long the classes are. She does think the community is very welcoming, which makes her feel safe and not nervous. She has set high goals for herself and is ready to take on high school.


“I also thought that Oceana is really welcoming and inviting the students which is something that’s important to me. I’m looking forward to making new friends. I’ve been to a school with kids and we’ve all been with each other for like 9 years so we all never really had to do that, making friends, so I am looking forward making adventures with friends.”


Overall, the freshmen we interviewed were super excited on the first day of school and they all looked forward to meeting new friends and they liked Oceana so far. What we can expect for the future is to see freshmen engage in opportunities in high school and set high goals for themselves.  We wish them great success.






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