What is a Junior Host?

While the seniors have the spotlight on Senior Ex. Day, juniors have a role to play as well: being a Junior Host.

(While, being Junior Host is pretty awesome—as you’ll see—you can’t be one unless your teacher recommends you to the Senior Ex. Coordinator, Ms. Schwab).


  • Junior Hosts
    • highlight the names of Community Evaluators’ on a spreadsheet,
    • give them their name tags and Senior Ex. booklet
    • and help them find their presentations.
  • There are 2 shifts from 8-11:30 and 11:30-2:35. Typically, each junior works for 1 shift, has lunch and then gets to see 2 presentations of their choice.


  • Although that might seem like a bore, the time actually passes rather quickly and it’s not as stuffy as a classroom.
  • Ms. Schwab drops by periodically to check-in with everyone so you won’t be on your own the whole time
  • As mentioned before, you’ll be able to pick 2 presentations of your choice, so it is guaranteed that you’ll be able to see your senior friends present.
  • However, the pièce de résistance is access to the food in the Teacher’s Lounge. Oceana parents donate food and water so that Community Evaluators, seniors, and staff can relax after presentations. As Junior Hosts, whenever it’s not busy, we can get in on that.


  • Arrive at school a little earlier so that you won’t be late when Ms. Schwab explains the specifics on how to be a Junior Host.
  • At the start, introduce yourself to the other Junior Hosts and working out a system for tackling the responsibilities.
  • During the first shift is mainly when the Community Evaluators arrive, so roll up your sleeves and prepare your papers.
  • Some Community Evaluators can be really chatty, but just be respectful and make polite conversation. You never know if they’ll be your evaluator next year. However, if it’s during busy times or you simply don’t feel comfortable, thank them for coming and ask if they need someone to take them to their presentation.

Hopefully, you’ll be chosen to be a Junior Host and when the time comes you’ll be prepared for what awaits you!

Thank you to Ms. Schwab for all of her hard work.

Leave a comment below telling us if you want to be a Junior Host or not!

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