To Chocolate or Not To Chocolate?

To chocolate or not to chocolate? That is a very good question. Chocolate has always been a “bad food” and “guilty pleasure” in our society. However, the dirt on chocolate is always changing: whether or not it is a healthy food, whether or not it helps in other parts of one’s life. The truth is, most sugary chocolate is not very healthy or beneficial. But there is a loophole: Dark Chocolate. Below are five reasons to munch on the treat.

It reduces the risk of heart disease. Studies show that flavonoids, a plant pigment found in chocolate, react with the body similarly to antioxidants to lower blood pressure and platelet clumping, or conditions that eventually lead to heart disease.

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Dark chocolate has also been found to reduce memory loss. The sweet treat contains a flavanol called epicatechin, which positively affects the part of the brain that controls age-related memory loss.

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In general, antioxidants prevent the damage of free radicals. Free radicals are oxygen molecules that are thought to be responsible for aging. If you have a multitude of free radicals, they start to damage your cells and can lead to many diseases over time. Antioxidants help battle this phenomenon. In a way, chocolate is the fountain of youth.

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Also, dark chocolate is much healthier than milk or white chocolate. Because it is mostly pure cocoa, less sugar is added to dark chocolate than its sweeter counterparts. Obviously, the less sugar is better.

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Furthermore, chocolate may go extinct soon. From Fungal diseases to hurricanes, the durability of cacao trees has been tested greatly. As of recently, the trees are being wiped out because of these disasters. What other reason does one need than the extinction of chocolate to enjoy it now?

Also, It tastes good. Enough said.

One no longer needs to feel guilty eating chocolate, because of the numerous benefits. Dark chocolate obviously does more good than bad (In moderation). So go into the world with a smile and this new knowledge. Oh, and also chocolate.


Remember: a serving of dark chocolate is 1.5 ounces, so please eat responsibly.

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