ASB Newsletter 3

Club Council – Merilouisse Bugay, Sarah Fishtrom, Alyssa Castro, Kerry Wong, and Bala Lwin

Current ASB Affairs:

Funds: $6,617.20

Date: Proposals/Changes:
~March ASB Constitution: All class representative positions have been removed for future school years. Instead, rally, dance, sports, and public relation commissioner positions are now available for all four grades.
April 17 The Club Council plans to implement a token system for Oceana’s food fairs, starting with Spring Fair this year.

Committee Events:

Committee: Current Events:
School Official April 17 to April 27 – Elections: Election interviews for the next school years commissioner positions are scheduled from April 17 to April 19. ASB and Class officer speeches are scheduled for April 23 to April 26 in the little theatre. The election results will then be announced on April 27.
Club Council May 4 – Spring Fair: The Club Council is currently planning this year’s Spring Fair. Spring Fair is a one hour lunch period allowing clubs and classes to host food fundraisers.
Spirit Squad May 7 to 11 – Spirit Week: The Spirit Squad is coming up with spirit days for our next spirit week on may 7 to may 11 for our Step Up Rally.

Ongoing – Spirit Gear: The Spirit Squad is also putting together spirit gear for next year’s school year.

Fundraising April 21 – Stüssy Sale: The Fundraising Committee has worked with Stüssy in order to put together a sale in Oceana’s cafeteria on Saturday, April 21 from 10am to 2pm.
Dance April 24 – Chipotle Fundraiser: The Dance Committee has collaborated with Chipotle in order to host a food fundraiser.

May 19 – Prom: The Dance Committee along with the help of Prom Committee is planning and putting together the details for this year’s prom.

Sport None
Rally May 11 – Step up Rally: Rally Committee is planning our last rally for the school year, which is on May 11 in the gym.
Academic Council None
Social Media None

Class Events:

Class: Funds: Events:
Seniors $4,898.59 April 19 to April 27 – Senior Sweatshirts: The senior class is selling senior sweatshirts for $35 from April 19 to April 27 (excluding Wednesdays) during lunch in the student store by the library.

May 25 – Senior Picnic: The senior class is also planning the senior picnic which is on May 25 at San Bruno Park for $30 per student.

Juniors $1,757.54 Ongoing – Senior Sweatshirts: The Junior Class has been hosting a senior sweatshirt design contest for their senior sweatshirt for the following school year.
Sophomores $1,647.53 None
Freshmen $711.00 None


Upcoming (Next Month):

Date: Events:
May 4 Club Council – Spring Fair: One hour lunch where clubs and classes will be selling a variety of foods and drinks in order to fundraise.
May 7 to May 11 Spirit Squad – Spirit Week: The Spirit Squad has come up with the different spirit days for the upcoming spirit week from may 7 to may 11.
May 11 Rally – Step Up Rally: Rally Committee is planning our last rally for the school year, which is on May 11 in the gym.
May 19 Dance – Prom: Prom is on Saturday, May 19 from 6:30pm to 11:00pm at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. The final sale of prom tickets for $120 for students and $115 for guests will be up until May 1st.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about ASB, please check out the ASBC Constitution or talk to your class officers.

Special Thanks

to the Newspaper Club for providing us

with a platform that made this newsletter possible

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