Oceana Garden

With the end of the school year slowly approaching, you may find yourself lacking community service hours. You may need a place to quickly and easily catch up on these hours. Well, there is good news for you: The Garden.

The garden is conveniently located on campus behind the cafeteria, so you do not need to drive to get there. You can access it by walking through the back doors of the cafeteria. It is led by members of the Golden Gate National Park Service, as well as interns from the service. Also, the after school gardening program meets right after school on Wednesdays, so it will not take up any extra time that you might need for doing homework, sports, sleeping, etc.

nullThe Garden presents many opportunities for you to enjoy the outdoors. The tasks you perform at the garden are very easy. You only need a basic understanding of how to do the task and you will be able to complete it easily. You can hike up Milagra Ridge to restore the wilderness, plant seeds of native plants, and pull out non-native plants. If hiking seems too treacherous, you can also relax in the nursery and wash pots, clean seeds, and do other odd jobs. After all of this work, you get snacks, such as goldfish, nutella and apples, and chips and salsa.

Finally, garden provides you with a community of people, and also gives you a multitude of community service hours. The people of garden are passionate about the outdoors, or need an easy way to get hours.

What have we learned? Garden is a quick, accessible, and easy way to get community service hours and connect with people.

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