AP Calculus




Mr. Yuen is really thorough and makes sure everyone in the class understands new concepts Time spent on homework and studying is roughly 1hr and 30 min to 2 hrs Do your homework assignments (and turn them in on time)
All homework assignments are given at the beginning of the year, so students can plan accordingly The AP test costs around $94 (the price will be $15 if you qualify for free or reduced lunch) Ask Mr. Yuen for help right away if you don’t understand something
The library will provide the textbook and calculator required for the class Certain colleges don’t count APs for college credit Research colleges you want to go to and see if they do accept APs as credit
There are a lot of online resources to help you succeed, aside from the class: Khan Academy, Albertio and Mr. Lee’s packets Senior Ex or other obligations can make it difficult to focus on this class Explain new concepts to friends (or anyone who will listen) to help retain the information
Shows colleges your academic rigor Missing a class will make it difficult to keep up Start a study group

AP Calculus is enjoyable if you can commit to the work. Additionally, Mr. Yuen is the kind of teacher who makes sure his students succeed. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try hard, but that if you ever have trouble, there is a supportive person who will help you push yourself towards greater things.

Feel free to Snapchat us with more questions or leave a comment below if you are going to take this class!

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