EXTRA™ People: Wilson La

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to share student perspective, please do not blindly attempt to recreate any of the things said in this article.

Wilson La is a senior at Oceana High School, the president of ASB, and a member of Mock Trial. For many people, just those things separately can be a plateful, and for one person to take on all of those things together may impossible. However, Wilson is able to overcome the stress, and in an interview shed some light on why he would take on all of these responsibilities.


Beginning in Freshman year, La was driven by the expectations of competitive colleges. Although he began high school with that mindset, it is not his motivation now. Currently, he sees the value of personal interest over academic interest as it causes less stress and actually motivates him more. He currently takes AP Chemistry, AP Government, AP Language and Composition, Psychology, Senior Seminar and is an Office Assistant. The hardest part (aside from all the APs and the crushing pressure of senior year) is the lack of sleep. He reveals, “Routinely, [I] get fried from six hours of sleep.” However, executing a project successfully, whether it be for classes, ASB or Mock Trial, is one of the most rewarding feelings a sleep deprived teen like Wilson can feel.


Teetering on the edge of the dream world, why would Wilson push his mind and body to the limit over admittance to a UC? In short, what drives him? Not unlike others, Wilson’s drive lies in his wish to provide for his parents. As refugees from Vietnam, who came 20 years ago, Wilson’s parents wanted to find a better life for him and his sister. In a heart-warming statement, Wilson reveals, “They sacrificed so much for me and I want to give [back] to them and make them proud”.


While his intentions are as pure as snow, Wilson acknowledges that he still has a lot to figure out and is trying to balance his workload. Some tips he has:

  1. Take breaks from your work and find time to spend with the people you care about.
  2. Do what you need to do in order to stay healthy.
  3. Be in a good mental state before you challenge yourself.

We hope you found Wilson’s story inspiring, if not educational. Thank you for reading! If you would like to be featured in the next “EXTRA™ Person’s Epic” please contact our Snapchat: @sharkstribune or dm us on Instagram: @oceananewspaper

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